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DIYauctions is an online eCommerce platform where both buyers and sellers can list and sell almost anything and everything, at a fixed price or as an online auction, with or without a reserve. We’re a secure online site, with a user friendly interface space that’s easily navigated by the user. – whether via your mobile phone or desktop, you’ll find every buying and selling need, right here. 

Selling and Buying on DIYauctions is now available to all registered users. Register as a private person to sell your unwanted goods and your home-made, home-based-products or as a company to sell your products and services.  No Registration Fees, no Listing Fees, no Unsuccessful Sales Selling Fees,  unless Chargeable Listing Fees are selected. Selling Fees only on successfully sold items & multiple quantities of the same items can be listed.  Online payments are secure as your privacy is our highest priority.

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